1. Relaxation Facial
    Luxurious facial using Farmaesthetics Gentle cleanser, Exfoliation, Mask, Toner and Hydration. Soft Organic Cucumber Treatment for the eyes, hot steam to penetrate and open the skin ending with a cool crisp towelette to close the pores. Service $65.00
  2. Acne Facial
    Warm Honey drizzled over a deeply cleansed face and neck. Hot Towel compress and steam opens the pores for extractions, followed by a cold lavender mask and tea tree oil to close pores and calm inflammation. Service $55.00
  3. Ultra Hydration Facial
    Micro Vitamin E pearls infuse the skin while deep moisturizing organic creams penetrate the deepest layers of the face. Leaving the skin feeling refreshed and luxuriously moisturized. Service $65.00
  4. Seaweed Facial
    This facial and wrap is perfectly suited for sensitive, eczema and rosacea skin types. Loosen and open up the skin on the face and neck with gentle steam as seaweed is wrapped over the skin, tightening and detoxifying the face. The skin will be brushed with hot oil to remove the seaweed and then cleansed with cold cucumber infused cloths to reduce puffiness and inflammation. Service $75.00
  5. Anti- Aging Illumination Facial
    After the skin is cleansed with organic oil, the skin will be brushed with rose water. Followed by a rose petal mask that is covered over the face and neck with a steam compress. Then the skin will be brushed with additional rose water, completed with rose essential oil, rosehip seed oil and a cold compress. Rose oil is glorified to be the fountain of youth for the skin, while rosehip seed oil is full of vitamins to diminish fine lines. Service $65.00